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Endowment funding enables Columbia County Citizen Corps Council to sustain excellence and provide for the continuous improvement of programs, facilities, and operations. To strengthen the safety of all Columbia County residents, we must invest in strategies that assure the financial strength of our Citizen Corps volunteers.  One way of ensuring the long-term sustainability of your Columbia County Citizen Corps Council is to earmark a donation for endowment, which provides resources capable of generating ongoing support for operations, administration, and maintenance. Revenue generated by a healthy endowment helps free up valuable resources that can be dedicated to program support.


A named endowment can provide a perpetual form of funding as well as recognition to the donor. An endowment enables the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council to to sponsor a financial investment in the safety and security of ourcommunity.

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Planned giving is a way for you to significantly impact the local small farmer in your community through your estate plans. It is also a way to invest money so that you receive tax and other benefits during your lifetime.

There are many ways to give, and all types of charitable giving may not suit all people. The best way to approach planned giving is to begin with an in-depth analysis of your financial, estate, and charitable planning goals, needs, and desires. This process should involve your legal and financial advisers so that you maximize your personal objectives as tax efficiently as possible.

Here at the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council, we have a number of tools available for different situations, and we can work with you and your advisers to make sure your wishes are implemented in the most effective way, as well as addressing the needs of the next generation volunteers.

The following is a brief summary of the most commonly used planned giving tools and gift arrangements.


Cash – Cash is the simplest and most popular form of charitable gift. Cash gifts are deductible up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income and can be carried forward for an additional five years for tax deduction limitation purposes. Donors often decide to make a cash gift even after conducting extensive planning and financial analysis simply because it makes the most sense and allows the donor to achieve his or her charitable planning goals.

• Securities – If you own stocks, mutual funds, or other securities that have increased in value, you may be able to satisfy your charitable giving goals while realizing considerable tax savings. By gifting long-term securities (those owned for more than one year) to the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council, you are entitled to an income tax charitable deduction for the full value of the security, not just original cost. Gifts of appreciated property are deductible up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income.


Real Estate – If you have a home or other real estate that you no longer want to live in or manage, it may make sense to incorporate that property into your charitable planning. Gifting real property to the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council may help you with capital gains issues, and in some instances you may continue to occupy the property for the balance of your life. It may also allow you to convert a low-yield parcel of real property into an income producing asset.


Charitable Bequests – A charitable bequest is a gift to the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council through your will or revocable living trust. Bequests can enable donors to make more significant gifts than they would have been able to during their lifetimes. These gifts are critical to the future success of Citizen Corps volunteer programs.


Retirement Plans – Donors benefit from leaving their retirement plans to the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council because of the tax inefficiencies of passing them on to their families. And it’s easy—donors can designate their retirement plan assets to Columbia County Citizen Corps Council by completing a change of beneficiary form that they obtain from their plan custodians. In addition to these deferred retirement plan gifts, the charitable IRA rollover provisions enacted by Congress several years ago have enabled current giving opportunities that are tax efficient.


Life Insurance – Life insurance may be used creatively to fulfill your charitable planning goals. You can simply gift an existing policy the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council, you can name the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council as the beneficiary of that policy, or you can name the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council as the owner and beneficiary of a newly issued policy. Annual gifts to the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council that fund life insurance premium payments are tax deductible and are a great way to maximize your charitable giving and your impact on the future sustainability of volunteer response programs in Columbia County.


Charitable Gift Annuities – In a charitable gift annuity, you gift cash, securities, or real estate to the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council in exchange for fixed annuity payments for the rest of your life. The annuity rate is based upon your age, your payments are guaranteed, and you are entitled to a charitable deduction for the present value of the gift portion of the annuity. A charitable gift annuity is a great way to secure fixed income in retirement while also significantly impacting the future of the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council.


Charitable Remainder Trusts – A charitable remainder trust can be established with a gift of stock, real estate, or cash. Low-yielding appreciated assets are best. The assets are then sold inside the trust, and the proceeds are typically invested in a diversified portfolio. You receive income for life, as well as significant tax advantages. After your lifetime or a term of up to 20 years, the remaining trust assets go to the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council for the benefit of the specific program that you designate. If the remainder interest is irrevocable, the Columbia County Citizen Corps Council can serve as trustee. Overall, the charitable remainder trust is one of the most flexible and effective charitable and retirement planning tools available.

With all of these planning tools, you get the satisfaction of knowing that, by planning for your future, you’ve helped countless others plan for theirs.


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